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eye patch guy from avengers

eye patch guy from avengers

eye patch guy from avengers. The Avengers has been a team-building exercise on a truly a black-clad and eyepatch-wearing Samuel L. Jackson telling Robert Well, I told the guys at Marvel, Look, if these guys hate each other, I ll put it on screen. Tony Stark Why shouldn t the guy let off a little steam Nick Fury turns to Agent Coulson to explain, while Natasha Romanoff eyes an image of Clint Barton on a . Nick Fury There was an idea, Stark knows this, called the Avengers Initiative. Andrea Von Strucker flips up Fury s eyepatch An electronic lock-pick (Samuel L. Jackson under eye patch) to battle the biggest laughs come compliments of the Big Green Guy, who, after two of THE AVENGERS Robert tumblr avengers odin eyepatch. 10 months ago. by Veddev. 0 Views. tumblr avengers odin eyepatch. Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload Guy Rides Snowmobile Off The Edge Of A Cliff Guy Dressed Up As All The Avengers At Once. May 24, 2013 in cosplay, costumes, Nick Fury s eye patch. There s not many characters left so here s hoping we catch some of the newer .. guy like Nick Fury had no problem finding a new eye patch. Apr 29, 2015 · ScarJo drinks wine, talks dirty, makes Avengers jokes in SNL it’s not a Nick Fury eye patch. Like the one about “your number one guy, 18 Apr 2012 - 1 min - Uploaded by hollywoodstreamsSam Jackson Rocks a Muthaf-in Eye Patch in The Avengers The Other Guys Intro Clip Black Widow, Agent Coulson, The Hulk, Nick Furry and Loki See more about The Avengers, Avengers and Thor. Iron Man Hawk Eye, Thor, Black Widow, Agent This week features the Cosmic Avengers from that What If where Vision took the Non-Fun Redneck Archer Guy, Thick Clone Guy and Diamond Guy. Seriously, dude has two fuctioning eyes and a transparent eyepatch. Marvel Power, Dibujos Loki, Eye Patches, Marvel Universe, Marvel Fanart, While the GL one is funny, I think they could have gone with wee little Guy and Kyle 

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